System 10000 offers a package of products created to address the needs of various organizations, with a view to backing the implementation of their goals and business tasks. These products successfully support management, improve the organization of our clients’ businesses and effectively reduce operational costs through significant productivity improvement in the key operational areas, and the training offered upgrades the qualifications and performance of managers and supervisors.


The main purpose of the audit is to find out whether there are simple and complex reserves in the company, how big they are and whether it is possible to use them only by adjusting the management system and work organization? During the audit, System 10000 team:

  • Maps management systems (mapping of systems) in all areas of the company’s operational activities (supply, logistics, production, warehouses, sales, etc.) and indicates their strengths and weaknesses;
  • conducts a detailed analysis of applicable procedures and instructions,
  • analyses all elements of the management system in terms of defining goals, forecasting and planning, operational planning, work parameterization and quality of these parameters (norms and standards), assigning tasks, controlling their performance and reporting;
  • determines the stage of preparation of individual areas for the implementation of integrated systems or determines the level of use of existing systems.

If reserves are identified after the audit, we will offer you the Productivity Program. By choosing the Productivity Program, you can be sure that all tasks related to:

  • Development and implementation of system procedures;
  • Development and implementation of full management systems;
  • Parameterization of processes;
  • conducting a training program;

Adaptation of management support IT modules will be implemented using the competence and experience of a professional team of System 10000 consultants and with the active participation of all users of such operational areas as:

  1. Forecasting and Planning
  2. Supply
  3. Production
  4. Repair and Maintenance Services
  5. Defining and Assessing Goal Implementation
  6. Debt Collection
  7. Identification of Surplus Employment in Administrative Departments
  8. Transportation
  9. Sales
  10. Training


Based on the analysis’s results, System 10000 team:

  • Develops and implements appropriate management systems that effectively support the achievement of the company’s business goals and tasks.
  • The weaknesses of the management system identified during the audit constitute a starting point allowing to prepare, jointly with the company’s management and supervision, sets of procedures and instructions for each area, process and position in the company;
  • Provides training for managers, supervisors and foremen;
  • Undertakes actions to improve the productivity of operational areas, in cooperation with company employees
  • Optimizes the costs of your business;
  • Implements solutions to boost the sales without increasing the employment levels

The savings generated during the Productivity Program are significant and strongly affect the company’s financial result.


The training program is addressed to employees in charge of operational areas and aims at the desired change in employee behaviour.

The topics of the training include:

  • management through goals,
  • effectiveness indicators and measurement
  • troubleshooting,
  • work in accordance with the management system,
  • effective communication,
  • ability to motivate others,
  • creating and participating in change
  • work parameterization